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Reliable. Refreshing. Responsive.

Established in 1997 and growing organically since then, you can rely on Microsys to always be there when you need us.

We rely on our technical staff's experience and knowledge to know the perfect solution that will work best for your specific needs and budget.

We always react appropriately to any given situation with the best possible outcome for our customers in mind at all times.


Professional. Proactive. Proven.

Everything we do is planned and carried out to the highest standards possible.

We use a state of the art monitoring system that often allows us to resolve issues before they become apparent to our customers.

Anyone can print words on a page but we have evidence to back them up. At Microsys we have had at least a 98% customer retention rate year on year for the past 15 years, against an industry average of less than 70%.


Customer Focused. Caring.

Over time our long-serving staff have developed personal relationships with our customers. They feel comfortable calling us up for a quick piece of advice, or meeting us to discuss bigger projects and requirements.

Our rates are not the least or the most expensive but we guarantee that we will give exceptional value. We will provide value in terms of increased productivity, easier access to your systems while away from the office and, in a lot of cases, directly save you money when supplying new solutions.

We have regular reviews with our customers to make sure they are happy with their systems and how we are looking after them.

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