At Microsys we pride ourselves on listening to our customer's needs and then providing bespoke solutions to their unique requirements. Here are some technical case studies showing the solutions we have provided for various scenarios:

Server Installation for Small Business

Customer Requirement

The customers system had grown organically with the business to the point where it was inefficient and unsecure.

This client had 9 PCs with each user storing their own data on their PC, but with some data shared out for Sage accounts on 1 PC.

Antivirus was done on an individual PC basis with each one requiring its own renewal, with no way of checking if all were up to date.

The customer was also frustrated by the following issues

  • There was no automated backup of data so the failure or damage of any or all of these PCs would have resulted in complete data loss with limited chance of recovery
  • Connections to the shared data were often lost, which resulted in downtime for the users concerned
  • No out of office available on emails

Process and Solution

After discussing the current and predicted future needs of the business we supplied and installed a high quality mid-range server with Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 software.

We managed to transfer of business critical data from the PCs onto the new server and set up the required security on sensitive folders.

This solved the issues mentioned above along with providing the following benefits:

  • Automated daily backup
  • Simple file sharing with ability to restrict permissions on certain files and folders
  • Sharepoint Intranet site
  • Sharing of Outlook information such as calendars, group address book.
  • Centrally managed antivirus solution protecting server and PCs

Creating a SharePoint Online Site for Improved Collaboration

Customer Requirement

We were asked by this customer to help improve the process where staff and external assessors worked on the same information over a variety of different projects. Previously this was carried out by sending emails with the documents attached, this then ran the risk of people working on different versions.

Process and Solution

It was important there was a way for relevant people within a project to be working on only one copy of documents and to be able to track changes. Also important was the need for this system to be securely available to people without the necessity of a company logon. After a meeting with key members of staff to demonstrate the capability of SharePoint, it was decided that this would meet all of their requirements for the project.

We worked closely with staff to understand the key pieces of information on the project, agree names of the site and document libraries that would make sense to users and to increase the amount of relevant information available now it was no longer hindered by emailing individual documents.

Once the structure was complete, staff began to populate the document libraries with files, and instructions on how to access the new system were sent out to the external assessors. We continued to support staff as they accessed SharePoint for the first time via telephone and using remote support tools.

Within a couple of months of this being up and running another department within this client  asked to have a site designed and built for a project they were starting.

Customer Quotation:

Microsys staff were very helpful in describing how Share Point works, and identifying our needs for this project and how SP could assist. They worked closely with our team to ensure a pilot series of SP ‘views’ were set up with a structure that made sense, and in ironing out any glitches along the way until we were ready to roll it out.

Foundation Scotland

Staged Office Move

Customer Requirement

When our long standing customer Linn Tech Scotland Ltd, who manufacture commercial aluminium windows, acquired more suitable office and factory premises, Microsys were asked to project manage all IT, cabling, telecoms and Audio Visual aspects of the move.

The initial plan was to move their whole IT and telecoms systems after completion of refurbishment of the new premises to meet their needs.

Process and Solution

The plan changed part of the way through in that the client had to move a large CNC cutting machine and install a second new one in the new premises. Both of these machines took their instructions from files that were still being generated on the system in the original premises.

At this point we already had the Internet connection installed in the new premises, so we set up a site to site VPN connection between the 2 locations which allowed the CNC machines to connect back to the main system and continue operating.

Microsys worked with the appointed architect and our own cabling contractor to ensure that the correct number of network outlets were installed in suitable locations. We advised using Cat6 cabling to future proof the IT infrastructure within the building.

Once the new premises were ready, we agreed a move date over a weekend and moved the complete IT and phone system with no loss of production and minimal disruption.

Customer Quotation

“Linn-Tech have been using Microsys for our IT requirements for over 10 years and when it came to our move we had no hesitation in asking Neil & his team to take on the task of co-ordinating the transfer of our IT & communication setup. Once given the brief they focused on making our move as seamless as possible and we moved into our new premises without a hitch. The team were always on hand to assist with any queries that arose and dealt with them easily for us, we genuinely wouldn’t have managed to make the move without them.  I would recommend Microsys to anyone with any level of IT issues as they are an extremely helpful and professional team.”

Linn Tech Scotland Director

Moving email from an on-premises server to the Cloud (Microsoft Office 365)

Customer Requirement

The customer’s existing email server was reaching the end of its reliable lifespan and the decision was taken to move this function of their system to the Cloud.

Process and Solution

We have now accumulated extensive experience with Office 365 migrations, migrating from customers own Exchange servers as well as from other Cloud based email providers.

Microsys take care of the initial set up of the Office 365 accounts and verification of domain name ownership.

We use specialised software to transparently take a copy of peoples existing mailboxes while they are still working and upload it to the Microsoft Office 365 servers.

Once the mailboxes on Office 365 have an exact copy of each user’s current mailbox we agree a time to switch over to make Office 365 the new email platform.

After the switch we deal with all configuration of user’s Outlook, phones Outlook Web Access etc. recreation of signatures if required and transfer of autocomplete for email addresses.

Shared Internet Access in a Multi Tenanted Building

Customer Requirement

The owner of a large multi tenanted office building requires first class but economical Internet access for the organisations within the building.

The owner of the building accepts that excellent Internet access is a must have for tenant organisations, but does not want each organisation doing their own thing with the multiple phones lines and cables etc., that would result from this.

Process and Solution

A subscription to a leased line, with enough public IP addresses and relevant firewall hardware to allow each organisation to share the excellent connection, but have the flexibility of their own IP address.

This allows remote access, smtp mail delivery etc. to each organisation independent from the others.

The connection has bandwidth performance and service level agreements that would be prohibitively expensive for each organisation to obtain on their own.


Automatic failover to backup Internet Connection

Customer requirement

 A large renewable energy firm cannot afford to lose Internet access, and needs to rule out any single point of failure that would increase the risk of this happening.

Process and Solution

An EFM 10, and backup ADSL connection was provided, with dual Sonicwall firewall hardware and a license for the Sonicwall High Availability system.

The Sonicwall High availability option will detect when a firewall or Internet connection goes down and immediately switch to the duplicate or backup equipment, while maintaining all remote access settings.

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